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4. If Rockwell’s Locked Down You Can Visit Kansas

Dear readers: An unexpected medical issue prevented me from finishing this week’s chapter for you. I intend to post a new adventure June 24. Until then, I know you will enjoy a selection of chapters from my first satirical novel.

“God created war so that Americans would learn geography.”--Mark Twain

“Political satire has been particularly valuable in challenging the seemingly lockstep wartime outlook, reminding us that even in dire times it is always prudent to question authority.”—Paul Lewis (after 9/11)

The Einstein Sisters Bag the Flying Monkeys

Palm Beach County, Florida

Monday, October 23, 2000

“Angry Jesus Pops Saddam Hussein” and “Einsteins Taken for a Ride”

"Jeremiah's Satanic Beatitudes” and “Cheney's Butt Hole Bomber”


“Jesus Meets the Cheerleaders” and “Maxine and Jesus Blow Off Judas Iscariot”

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The politics and theology of this satirical fiction may be confusing. I intended the novel to present through humor the historical and doctrinal features of Christian Zionism. CZ is not a quirky cult. It is the belief system of tens of millions of evangelical American Christians who support Israel’s policies unconditionally but expect all but a few Jews to burn alive at Armageddon.

Rev. Holly Clapper, Peg Shaw’s nemesis in “Jumpin' Jubilee Club”, is a Christian Zionist. 

The CZ vote elected Donald Trump. Right now, in countless fundamentalist American Churches, informed pastors are quoting the Bible chapter and verse to prove the Ukrainian-Russian War was predicted in Scripture.  

You can read my “What is Christian Zionism, Ten Questions and Answers”

My 28-minute documentary, “Onward Christian Zionists” was shown on Free Speech TV for months after it premiered. You could once watch versions on You Tube with subtitles in Spanish, German, French or Portuguese ALL GONE. Catch the English version while you can.

Your loyal but impish servant, Irving