5. Recovering from Covid while Watching America Self-Destruct
(four minute read)

I could not finish the chapter that was scheduled to be posted here today. Why? I did everything they told me to do—vaccinations, booster shots, masking, self-quarantining—but I still came down with Covid last Sunday. It sucks. But I am recovering, thank you.

The next chapter is worth waiting for. Imagine Cheerleaders Melody O’Connor and Brooke Pepper hiding out with Major General Agnes Grendel in her Mercedes Benz guarded by her Black Labrador Bonnie and Quirky the monkey. Mortician Billy Bigger reported the incident as an abduction. Butch Mowser and Kendra Fyre jump to the rescue in his Nazi motorcycle.

Until I’m feeling up to par creatively and can finish writing this latest adventure at Rockwell Central School, I continue to ponder the bigger picture. As I lie in bed, I note the many objects in the bedroom/writers’ room around me.

Nearly half of the clothes and household objects were made in China. In the Jumpin' Jubilee Club chapters you’ve read so far, Jesus Nazareno tells the Redd Brothers’ story about the hedge fund that sold their grandfather’s classic toy factory to be shipped to China. It’s based on a personal story.

The Kaiser Steel factory in Fontana California. I was told by the workers every nut and bolt was identified and tagged for reassembly in China.

That was 30 years ago. Now China makes millions of products and sells them to every country in the world. Folks living in poor rural communities like ours depend on Wal-Mart’s low prices. I’m no fan, but China has the fastest growing economy in the world. It’s lifted millions of Chinese workers and farmers out of poverty.

Russia is a huge country and the major supplier of the world’s petroleum products, fertilizer, grains and rare metals necessary for all electronics. Despite the most brutal economic sanctions on any country in history after the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian ruble has dramatically increased in value. Russia earns more money now selling less oil and gas.

Russia, China, India, South Africa and Brazil and most counties in Africa and Latin American refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It’s rarely reported in our press, but every day a few more of these countries' governments connect, working on a competing financial and trade system abandoning the use of the dollar.

This civilizational shift-from a unipolar, imperialist world to a multipolar world in which no country dominates: that’s the most important story in my lifetime.

I wouldn’t want to live in China or Russia but they have stable societies, functioning political systems with growing middle classes. The last thing they need is a destructive war. And their citizens know it.

My country, the United States, by contrast, is tearing itself apart with a crippling rate of inflation, such as skyrocketing increases in prices for the basics: food, clothing, fuel and housing. Our political system is so dysfunctional and corrupted by billions of corporate dollars that both parties are utterly unable even to propose solutions to any of the pressing political, economic, social and environmental crises facing our nation and especially our young people. Both our homicide and incarceration rates leave most of the world way behind.

We are so divided by religion and politics that some families can’t talk to each other anymore. Political partisanship is so intense that one half of the active voters consider the the other half to be evil, even traitors.

We can’t agree on what to teach our children. We don’t trust our leaders or news media. 25% of us support our native state seceding from the union.

Our last two presidents have been incompetent, ignorant, senile or all three. Our major exports are deadly weapons, Hollywood movies and a few agricultural products now threatened by droughts, fertilizer shortages or skyrocketing costs of doing business.

The United States has to pay a monthly interest on a $30 TRILLION debt.

Given the disparity in social cohesion and popular support for national leadership, why are our elected representatives provoking a world war with China and Russia, two of the most powerful military forces in the world today?

At the same time, our economic sanctions are dragging our major allies, the Europeans, into the worst economic depression in any of our lifetimes!

You won’t be surprised if these are topics that arise in the Black Mercedes Benz hidden in the woods as new Principal Agnes Grendel tries to explain to two precocious teenagers her 180% political turn inspired by the Rockwell student rebellion and the example of her famous Marine great-grandfather Smedley Butler. He was the most decorated and popular veteran of his time. He wrote the best-selling War is a Racket, became a socialist and refused a Wall Street bribe to become the first Fascist President of the United States. . .

No matter how sick I get I always like to read.

Yes, I’m focusing on the three topics above that are already threaded into Jumpin' Jubilee Club:

I repeat, the last worldwide tranformation in progess is by far the most important for all of us. Events are moving very fast and the corporate media are either ignoring or misrepresenting them.

Of course, the teachers of the precocious kids of Rockwell Central School are on top it. So is Buzz Thanatos, the mysterious prophet inside the United States military.

Thank you for enjoying my work. You keep me optimistic so I can keep inspiring the Rockwell kids to stay optimistic.