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3. In Their Shoes Would You Have Voted for Russia?

(Irving's October 1 Blog)
As friends know, I visited Ukraine. I have friends there. As a retired teacher of government and world history I’ve followed events there for thirty years. I recommend this 7-minute read for a surprising  answer to this question:
Why would four “Ukrainian” regions vote to join Russia in the middle of a war?
Perhaps you’d vote the same way in their shoes!
After all, they’ve been at ground zero ever since the United States overthrew their elected government in 2015 and picked new Russia-hating leaders. These nationalists demonized the entire people and banned the Russian language.
Like half of Ukrainians, the folks in Eastern Ukraine have always spoken Russian. They refused to support the new government that threatened their culture and freedoms. The country was plunged into a civil war between east and west.
This week’s vote was a no-brainer. These people have been under constant military attack for eight years by the country they voted to leave. Thousands were killed or wounded. The shelling was intensified during the referendum. Public offi-cials and volunteers took ballots door to door.
Like, Duh! They just want the war to stop. Why would they vote for the people who hate them for who they are and are killing their children?
Please take a few minutes to read this point of view before it is canceled or banned. Why would that happen?
Because the American people are paying big time now and forever for the Ukraine war. They’re not going be happy about the effects on their communities or cost to their families. That conflict and everything it triggered is accelerating inflation all over the world. Our government’s economic attack on Russia is destroying Europe. Those folks are waking up. So will we.
This is an interesting read. It’s helpful to know the truth, especially when neighbors and friends ask questions.