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Soap Box

4. General Tells President to “Fuck off” and Saves World
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(Irving's October 11 Blog)

Sometimes wisdom pops up where you least expect it. Hopefully, humankind will find enough of it in time to save our precious planet. I know my days are numbered, but trillions of the earth’s other critters deserve to continue their eternal and divine circles of life.

Sunday, National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby, announced that the White House has not seen any “new indications” that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a decision to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, or has done anything to get closer to that decision making process.”

This was, of course, a welcome repudiation of the previous week’s sobering and irresponsible nuke rattling from Ukraine’s increasingly unhinged, egomaniac Volodymyr Zelensky, who called for pre-emptive nuclear strikes on Moscow. Then US Secretary of State Antony Blinken threatened Russia with “horrific” consequences if it deploys nuclear weapons.

But the worst fear-mongering came from President Joe Biden. “…we have a direct threat of the use of a nuclear weapon if in fact things continue down the path they are going … the prospect of Armageddon is more realistic than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

As someone who lived through that frightening period of American history, I was appalled by such mind-numbing ignorance. One contemporary nuclear weapon explosion of any kind anywhere on the planet will release drifting clouds of radioactive debris that will condemn millions of humans and other living things to slow and agonizing deaths.

On top of a pandemic, worldwide economic crash, famine, civil wars and climate change driven natural disasters!


Historian’s note: Only the split-second decision of one Russian submarine officer prevented the mass launching of nuclear missiles in October 1962. Thank you, Vasili Arkhipov. 

Now, imagine an American military spokesman directly contradicting the Commander in Chief!

Actually, Kirby’s correction was neither the first nor the most important incident during this totally preventable Ukraine crisis that the United States military has saved the world from a likely catastrophe.

Last March Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin declared that a no-fly zone over Ukraine remained off the table, explaining that the move would mean direct confrontation between US and Russian fighter jets and likely a hot war with Moscow.

Asked about Ukrainian President Zelensky’s repeated calls on Western powers to take control of his country’s airspace to repel a Russian attack, Austin said the Joe Biden administration would not grant the request, citing the risk of escalation.


Think about it! Those clamoring for war included the Biden Administration, an overwhelming majority of Congressional Democrats and Republicans, the war hungry Western corporate media and the leaders of the European Union and NATO! Oh yes, Raytheon, Lockheed and Boeing stockholders.

That took courage, General Austin. Thank you.

As readers know, I’ve been rethinking the political plot of my Jumpin′ Jubilee Club novel as I revise all the chapters while focusing on the Soapbox and Restless Rebel features.

Just imagine the possibilities for Utopian fiction after General Austin’s act of courage.

We all know the government throws the National Security state and the American military billions of dollars more than they ask for. A lot to play with. DARPA spent countless millions just looking into flying saucers.

It’s no secret that the military’s top brass was spooked by Trump even before January 6. Now they’re taking responsibility to rein in the current presidency and try to check Victoria Nuland and her neo-con death cult.

It’s also clear from the deepening divisions in the country that both parties are so lame-brained and corrupted by billionaire bribes that they’re totally unprepared for the deepening historic crisis.

Wouldn’t the armed services contingency planners be hard at work right now on various scenarios to respond to dozens of unique Civil War 2.0 scenarios? They know they will be called upon to maintain public order.

And, if the Federal government falters, they also have to be ready to take power.

What do they do with it? An authoritarian, Orwellian United States of America with concentration camps for those who habitually post government deemed falsehoods on Face Book?

Or they could use their authority to help heal the divisions in the society and win over the working class by giving us what we overwhelmingly say our families need. All they’d have to do is support independent media, public financed elections and ranked-choice voting.

Maybe put DARPA to work on a transition from a war to a peace economy.

Above all else encourage rather than repress progressive leaders and popular mass movements.

Generation Z support for the transformation will be critical! OMG! That’s Jumpin′ Jubilee Club. My characters Major Buzz Thanatos, Agnes Grendel’s sponsor, and Rockwell Central School’s popular sprinter, Jesus Nazareno have their work cut out for them!

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